Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What percentage of all things are to what degree tubelike, whether in the way they appear or in the action they allow, or by both standards? And of what complexity is the essential measurable "tubelikeness" of the world, given that the two categoricals need not be related to each other at all?

Do all things either radiate &/or become affected by the radiation of tubelike fields?

If measurable, what shape does the tubelike field take over places featuring confluences of tubes in assortments of sizes, angles, composition, appearance, &/or function? Does the measure of such fields ever inhibit or accentuate the formation of more tubelikeness within them?

If such inhibition or accentuation does occur, does it imply either the consciousness of tubelike objects, &/or the outside radiation's regulatory (if conscious) or weather-like (if not conscious) action?

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