Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Stupid Fucking White Man," said Nobody.

How do people justify to themselves allowing themselves to indulge and act through the primitive paths of the brain's personality channels, assigned to function as reactionary sensors that assume malice from every corner and therefore promote with authority the sanctity and primacy of the tribe and its genetic makeup and customs as a defense — even though they themselves are based upon and have developed from the assumption that all other tribes will naturally attack them, kill their men, rape and enslave their women, and plunder everything they own? Isn't it true instead that people who prevail today as the developed world are living disproof of that primitive brain-squid's legitimacy as a prime mode for action?

If ever any God were called upon to legitimize the creation of human beings, the photoshopped construction below could not help but to appear to both that God and its challengers as a sufficiently embarrassing nail in the forehead of any justification that could even be attempted.